From the Editor’s Keyboard

Open Government and Citizens’ Right to Complain

Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown. A democracy tends to thrive on the level of engagement between its citizens and those who govern them. The (...)

| February 2013 | 1148 views

What Our Readers Should Expect on Sunday

Dear Readers, Because of a very heavy schedule we were unable to bring you our CEO’s promised piece last Sunday but as an appetizer, here is just a (...)

| January 2013 | 999 views

Important Notice

Dear Readers, Please do not miss an interesting piece next Sunday by Patriotic Vanguard CEO Gibril Gbanabome Koroma on why he thinks Foreign Minister (...)

| January 2013 | 920 views

Welcome, Honorary Consul David Pratt

The very recent appointment of former Canadian Defence Minister David Pratt as Sierra Leone’s Honorary Consul in Ottawa (the Canadian capital) has taken (...)

| January 2013 | 936 views

Bio: Maturity and Coming of Age

By Gabriel A. Johnson, Guest Writer, St. Louis, MO. USA. In his national bestseller ‘Hardball,’ Chris Matthews – political commentator and host of the (...)

| December 2012 | 941 views

Eyebal to Eyeball: Who Will Blink First?

By Alie Formeh Kamara, Guest Writer, USA. The 2012 elections in Sierra Leone is full of drama. Just when it is thought to be all over with the Electoral (...)

| December 2012 | 881 views