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Random Thoughts

Is President Koroma Loko? I normally don’t like to talk about ethnicity but I was amused by a rumour doing the rounds in Freetown right now. The rumour (...)

by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, CEO/Publisher | May 2012 | 1807 views

Random Thoughts

Many readers have complained that they have not seen my writings in the last couple of months and they are right. I have been too busy with work and other (...)

by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, CEO/Publisher | April 2012 | 1673 views

Is Maada Bio Relevant?

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer. It behoves a commonsensical analysis to decipher the direction of party politics in Sierra Leone and how the (...)

| April 2012 | 449 views

When Dissidents Attack Our Democracy

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. As Sierra Leone moves towards its next elections, sabres are figuratively rattling in (...)

| March 2012 | 360 views

Tough Road to Damascus

Opinion By Alfred Sorie Kargbo, Guest Writer, The Netherlands. Sierra Leone gained Independence almost 51 years ago after after 150 years of colonial (...)

| March 2012 | 348 views

Who Wants To Be The Next Mayor Of Freetown?

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer. The hottest seat in town is supposedly that of the Mayor of Freetown. With the incumbent facing allegations of (...)

| February 2012 | 388 views

Has Sierra Leone Become An “Okadised” Society?

By Alhassan Fouard Kanu, Guest Writer, Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone. The Okada services (a taxi-like service that ferry people between localities), (...)

| February 2012 | 313 views

Happy New Year, Salone!

Greetings Sierra Leone, and friends of Sierra Leone. On behalf of the numerous writers and contributors (all volunteers) of the Patriotic Vanguard I would (...)

by Gibril Koroma, CEO/Publisher | January 2012 | 809 views

Who Are You?

By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura, PV Special Correspondent, London, UK. “I am that I am”, says the Lord. These are the succinct words of the Almighty to his (...)

| December 2011 | 274 views