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Peaceful Ebola Awareness March in New York

2014-10-29 02:03:43

By Amadu Massally, USA.
It was a kind of chilly afternoon in New York City as we congregated on 8th Avenue to begin a peaceful march last Friday of about 12 blocks - one way - to the Daag Hammarskjold UN Plaza.
We did not have thousands of people present, but we had a few hundred who were committed to the cause. What attracted me more than anything is the way people looked at us as to whether they were suspicious of us as carriers of Ebola, or were empathetic to our (...)

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How Guinea Handles Ebola Misinformation

9 June

Will eating raw onions once a day for three days protect me from Ebola? Is it safe to eat mangoes? Is it true that a daily intake of condensed milk can prevent infection with Ebola? These are just some of the questions posed to the health workers responding round the clock to calls received through the free Ebola hotline. With so many Ebola deaths to date, fear has allowed the spread of rumours and misinformation.
The Ministry of Health of Guinea set up Hotline 115 when it announced the (...)

Makeni: New ACC Official Introduces Himself

9 June

Dear All,
It is a privilege and honour for me succeeding my colleague Patrick Sandi as ACC Regional Manager-North. Its certainly not an easy pair of shoes to fill, considering the landmark succesess of his tenure. He notably succeeded in demystifying the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) which was hitherto feared. Even the mere mention of its name was frightening to public officers.
Nonetheless its a challenge worth taking and the position has presented me an opportunity to learn and (...)

Freetown: Evil Herbalists Warned

3 June

By Our Correspondent
The proliferation of traditional healers in the country has aroused concern as many of them have indulged in unethical and dangerous practices. Some of them now form fake associations and extort money from other traditional healers claiming to have the authority to issue licences while some indulge in voodoo practices using traditional herbs and charms to destroy lives. The practice of using charms and other voodoo practices became prevalent over the years and (...)

The New Yorker and Benny Steinmetz

29 May

By Our Correspondent
One of the world’s greatest magazines, The New Yorker, has in its current issue published what can only be described as a masterpiece of investigative journalism. Titled Buried Secrets, the article by journalist Patrick Radden Keefe, narrates in great detail the life and activities of Israeli billionaire Benny Steinmetz (photo), former owner of the Simandou iron ore mine in Guinea who is also owner of the Koidu Holdings diamond mine in Sierra Leone.
The piece, (...)

Traditional Leafy Vegetables: Africa’s Hope for Tackling Malnutrition

24 May

By Praise Nutakor, Accra, Ghana.
Food, often regarded as one of the basic needs of mankind seems to be a scarce commodity in many households in Africa. The state of malnutrition, especially in some poor rural communities, usually affects the health of children resulting in illnesses such as stunted growth, goitre, blindness and kwashiorkor.
This, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), is directly or indirectly responsible for about 3.5 million child deaths every year in Africa, (...)

The Need for Digital Literacy in Sierra Leone

20 May

By Mariama Kandeh, London, UK.
I started using computers in 2001. I had just finished my senior secondary school education. My mother was keen to see me get computer training. She was impressed by my father’s friend, a Sierra Leonean who had spent decades in Germany and who is also an IT guru and had worked for Bosche in Germany but had returned to Sierra Leone to help set up a sustainable IT system for the government. He had said a lot about the importance of ICT and how (...)

Liver Cancer: The Key is to Control Hepatitis B&C Infections

19 May

By Dr. Angela M. Dumbuya, DNP/Oncology Nurse Practitioner John B. Amos Cancer Center, Columbus, Georgia, USA.
The liver serves many important functions. These include breaking down and storing many nutrients, secretion of bile juices that are stored in the gallbladder and later transported into the intestines, and filtering and breaking down toxic wastes in the blood. All of these functions can be compromised by liver cancer. The most common type of liver cancer is (...)

Experts Call for Release of Abducted Girls

19 May

A group of United Nations and African human rights experts recently called on the Boko Haram armed group to immediately release the girls abducted in Borno State, Nigeria. The experts also urged the Nigerian Government to take all necessary measures to ensure their safe return and to hold the perpetrators accountable.
On 14 April, many girls – more than 200 according to different sources – were abducted at gunpoint from their secondary school during a violent raid by Boko Haram (...)

Tribute to William Juana Smith, a True Loyalist

by Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief - 19 May

I was downcast and very sad when I watched on TV the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) news of the death of my friend William Juana Smith who I had always described as a true loyalist not only to Ernest Bai Koroma but to the All Peoples Congress (APC). In my teens, I had known William Juana in the APC and since then I have never known him for any other party. He was one of the “early youths” in the party and a contemporary of Sorsor Conteh, Alfred Akibo-Betts, (...)

Fake Kimberly Process Certificates in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ghana

14 May

According to a press release from the US Department of State, the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, in conjunction with U.S. Customs and Border Protection is advising the public on several scams involving Kimberley Process Certificates. Legitimate Kimberley Process Certificates are used to control the international trade in rough diamonds.
Recently, in one elaborate scheme, individuals were invited to Sierra Leone to view rough diamonds that were later evaluated as fake stones and (...)

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