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A Sierra Leonean writer’s hospital experience

By Pede Hollist, Tampa Florida.* Yes folks, that’s me in scrubs with an orthopedist in the OR at a major hospital in the midst of a once in a lifetime (...)

| June 2015 | 1181 views

Kenema: Turmoil at SLAJ AGM over Ebola funds

By Our Correspondent. Over 200 Sierra Leonean journalists met over the weekend in Kenema, capital of the eastern region of Sierra Leone. They were there (...)

| June 2015 | 1602 views

Nigeria clinches AfDB Presidency

Despite the valiant efforts and solid support of the government and people of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone’s Foreign Minister Dr. Samura Kamara and other (...)

by Gibril Koroma | May 2015 | 1261 views