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Foreign Aid and Africa

Commentary By Daniel Tseghay,Vancouver, Canada Throughout the world, a great number of people live in extreme poverty. Mostly throughout the regions (...)

| March 2008 | 727 views

CCAS Celebrates Black History Month

By Our Correspondent The Catholic Children’s Aid Society, City of Toronto branch February 29th, 2008 celebrated a first of a kind “Black History Month” (...)

| March 2008 | 1336 views

MEND asks President Bush to Mediate Dispute

By Scott A. Morgan The current President of the United States is a "lame duck". This is a term that means he will be taking actions that will shore up (...)

| February 2008 | 714 views

Sudan: the war that won’t go away

By Issa A. Mansaray, Minnesota First of a two-part story At the University of Minnesota Law School, Gabriel Kou Solomon, a graduate student in (...)

| February 2008 | 651 views

I am no Tribesman

By Dr. Charles Quist-Adade, Vancouver, Canada. The Western media is abuzz again with another African addiction-“tribal warfare.” The recent post-election (...)

| January 2008 | 947 views

Post Election Crisis in Kenya -A Call For Peace

By Clement Apaak. Africans and friends of Africa were shocked and dismayed at the eruption of violence in Kenya after the results of the presidential (...)

| January 2008 | 700 views