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Paa Kwesi Nduom is new CPP leader

Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom(photo), Flagbearer of Convention People’s Party (CPP), says he would pursue an all-inclusive policy in restructuring the Party to make (...)

| December 2007 | 752 views

Spotlight on New ANC leader Jacob Zuma

JACOB GEDLEYIHLEKISA ZUMA ANC President(December 2007) Deputy President of the ANC (since 1997) Member of ANC NWC, NEC Former Deputy (...)

| December 2007 | 643 views

The environment and global justice

By Daniel Tseghay Somewhere in The Treatise of Human Nature, David Hume, a philosopher and social thinker, wrote about the conditions that make justice (...)

| December 2007 | 481 views

Racism is Dead, Long Live Racism! Part IV

In the third installment of his five-part article, Charles Dr. Quist-Adade continued to debunk the idea of “race” as a biological concept and argued that (...)

| December 2007 | 595 views

Technology is the Root of All Evil

By Philip Emeagwali According to history books, gun-wielding European slave traders kidnapped one in five Africans and transported them across the (...)

| December 2007 | 681 views

Is Guinea-Bissau the next narco state?

By Scott A Morgan. The last few months have been an interesting time in the area known as the Casamance region. Earlier this year the army of (...)

| December 2007 | 650 views

Moral Mess: Mending the social fracture

Commentary By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong Ghana is experiencing social fractures - the traditional communal empathy, as the foundation of morality, (...)

| November 2007 | 765 views

An interview with the AERC Executive Director

The only way to overcome the lack of means to finance high quality economic research in Africa is to strengthen cooperation as well as research networks (...)

| November 2007 | 844 views

Guinea-Bissau and the drug trade

Reporters Without Borders (recently) released the report of a fact-finding visit to Guinea-Bissau to investigate the precarious situation of its (...)

| November 2007 | 648 views

The Mo Ibrahim Prize: Robbing Peter to pay Paul

“Mo Ibrahim’s prize for a retired African president which was awarded to Joachim Chissano of Mozambique was in my view an insult to the African people.” Issa (...)

| November 2007 | 664 views