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APC-Canada's Marie Turay heading for Freetown

APC-Canada’s Marie Turay heading for Freetown

Comrades of the APC Canada Branch, May I inform you that the Director of International Affairs of APC Canada Branch, Madam Marie Turay is about to depart (...)

| April 2017 | 871 views

Meet the APC-Canada Women's Leader

Meet the APC-Canada Women’s Leader

Madam Aminata Kanu (pictured) is the Women’s Leader of APC-Canada. She and her team were recently inaugurated in Edmonton, Western Canada, on March (...)

| April 2017 | 1681 views

Pictorial Display: APC-Canada Women's Wing

Pictorial Display: APC-Canada Women’s Wing

By Natasha Beckley. On Saturday March 25th , I traveled to Canada to host the launching of the APC-Canada Branch women’s wing. Thank you so much to (...)

| March 2017 | 907 views

Beauty and brains

Beauty and brains

Mrs. Ramatulaye Ben Kargbo At the Launch and Inaugural ceremony of the APC-Canada Women’s Wing last Saturday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the (...)

| March 2017 | 1240 views

JFK feels the pulse in Port Loko

JFK feels the pulse in Port Loko

By Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara in Port Loko. In the midst of the APC Youth League Conference, found time to rub shoulders with the market women and regular (...)

| March 2017 | 1238 views