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FBC alumni: Gbamanja, Cole, in New York soon

FBC alumni: Gbamanja, Cole, in New York soon

The Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor of FBC, University of Sierra Leone, Prof. S. Gbamanja (photo) and Mrs Bernadette Cole, head of the Alumni Secretariat (...)

| April 2017 | 1190 views

Obituary: Marie Antonia Clare Lomas

Obituary: Marie Antonia Clare Lomas

Full Name: Marie Antonia Clare Lomas (Dworzak) Date of Birth: Wednesday, February 22nd, 1939 Date of Death: Friday, March 31st, 2017 Place of Death: (...)

| April 2017 | 1265 views

Marie Turay in Freetown

Marie Turay in Freetown

Madam Marie Turay, APC-Canada’s Director of International Affairs has arrived in Freetown and has taken part in the ongoing nationwide registration (...)

| April 2017 | 953 views

APC-Canada's Marie Turay heading for Freetown

APC-Canada’s Marie Turay heading for Freetown

Comrades of the APC Canada Branch, May I inform you that the Director of International Affairs of APC Canada Branch, Madam Marie Turay is about to depart (...)

| April 2017 | 903 views

Meet the APC-Canada Women's Leader

Meet the APC-Canada Women’s Leader

Madam Aminata Kanu (pictured) is the Women’s Leader of APC-Canada. She and her team were recently inaugurated in Edmonton, Western Canada, on March (...)

| April 2017 | 1888 views

Pictorial Display: APC-Canada Women's Wing

Pictorial Display: APC-Canada Women’s Wing

By Natasha Beckley. On Saturday March 25th , I traveled to Canada to host the launching of the APC-Canada Branch women’s wing. Thank you so much to (...)

| March 2017 | 929 views

Beauty and brains

Beauty and brains

Mrs. Ramatulaye Ben Kargbo At the Launch and Inaugural ceremony of the APC-Canada Women’s Wing last Saturday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the (...)

| March 2017 | 1284 views