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2016 APC-USA Dallas chapter awards

27 December 2016 at 07:25 | 1372 views

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas, USA.

In recognition and appreciation for their dedication, diligence, and selfless contributions to the APC-USA Dallas chapter, deserving members were proud to be the recipients of this year’s awards. The ceremony was held on December 23, at Mr. Robert Yankson’s mighty residence during the end of year party.

One of the greatest awards was given to the Minister of Public and Political Affairs, (MPPA), Ms. Nanette Thomas. Honorable Patrick Jackson, the Honorary Consul of Texas and the surrounding states was also awarded in absentia. Both the Honorable MPPA and Honorable Jackson were recognized for their partnership that exemplifies the objectives of the All People’s Congress party and has significantly impacted the APC-USA Dallas chapter.

The president of the chapter, Mr. Sheik Daboh was awarded not only for his outstanding vision, dedication and commitment to the APC party but also in his performance in the areas of leadership and professionalism that goes above and beyond his assigned responsibilities as president. APC veterans, Haja Isatu Mansaray and Mrs Edith Juana also received awards for their impact on the success of the chapter.

In his speech, the chapter president, Mr. Sheik Daboh highlighted some of the achievements the chapter gained during the year 2016. Most notable were the chapter’s contribution to the APC-USA Branch on its responses to the country’s social issues such as the Ebola epidemic and the flood disaster that displaced thousands of people in Freetown.

He admonished members to "continue to strive in a variety of ways to enhance the success of the party and this kind of unity promotes our ambitions to achieve a successful campaign to win elections again."

"Your personal commitment to the chapter is very obvious in everything you do. Your dedication, your monthly contributions and your contributions to social media were all contributing factors to our success as an APC family group. Therefore, I am appealing to all members to continue with this kind of family unity and put all hands on deck to ensure victory on the next elections", Shedik Daboh added.

He commended the president of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for conquering the handicap of Ebola and his passion to promote healthcare services in the country.

The social gathering was full of members, friends and relatives of members all of whom stormed the home of Yankson to grace the occasion. Guests gazed at the activities with a look of admiration for the APC-USA Dallas chapter.

Earlier, before the awards ceremony, members including guests were in a circle with ladies in their red attire and their sweet voices singing the party song in a chorus very melodiously.

The APC Dallas was established in Texas in 2002 by the former Minister of Health and Sanitation, Mr. Sheiku Koroma. Since then, the chapter continues to grow through the efforts of Honorable Nanette Thomas and the current president, Mr. Sheik Daboh.

Members of the chapter are cognizant of the unique part played by Nanette Thomas and Sheik Daboh in advancing the power and prestige of the chapter in the APC-USA branch.

"While our organization enjoys the respect of others especially APC worldwide, we do not intend to rest on our laurels. We are aware that much is yet to be done, and that we cannot afford to remain inert. We must go forward," Sheik Daboh concluded in his speech.

Group photograph of awardees. PV correspondent Sanpha Sesay is second from right, back row.

APC-Dallas president Sheik Daboh and secretary Aminata Kamara.

Mrs. Adama Sesay, wife of journalist Sanpha sesay (centre) displaying her award.

Party time

APC veteran activists in Dallas with their awards.

APC-Dallas president Sheik Daboh, with his award.