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200,000 Homes for Sierra Leone

13 April 2007 at 18:31 | 1470 views

Public Statement

Fellow Sierra Leoneans:
We are anxious country men and women determined to make a significant contribution to the rebuilding and revitalization of our beloved country. Our company, Trade, Intercontinental Development Enterprises/Services (TIDES) a Delaware Corporation, plans to build homes in three master planned communities in the northern, eastern and southern provinces of the country (in the Mile 47/River Rokel axis - (Port Loko-North); the splendid Sulima Beach (Pujehun-South) and the diamond-renowned Zimmi areas (Pujehun-South).

The TIDES Enabling Council (TEC) inclusive of Dr. Kadi Sesay, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. John Aruna, an architect in Sierra Leone, and Ms. Zainab Bangura Civil Affairs Chief at the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) have the charter of providing guidance for the project.

We recently entered into an accord with Canadian Rockport Homes International, Inc, a Canadian home builder, to move along with preparations to manufacture 200,000 affordable concrete houses in Sierra Leone by 2020. Canadian Rockport Homes International, Inc. owns a proprietary technology and process that enables the production of twelve houses a day. The company has tested this technology out in a 6-module factory in Chile. It is now set to start a massive manufacturing program, as soon as it can raise $10 million through selling off shares, in Mexico where there is an established need of 40 million new homes. Sierra Leone should be next, with your support.

To achieve that goal, the PEACE Clubs initiative was developed to rally and solicit the support of individuals and groups to contribute to making the above described plan a reality. The initiative is designed to represent individuals and groups from all works of life and from all corners of the globe that have an interest in developing Sierra Leone. P stands for the professional - the business person, educationist, doctor, dentist, lawyer, politician, architect, engineer, etc.; E stands for the ethnic and cultural organizations; A and C stand for alumni and civic organizations respectively; and E represents those exceptional individuals and groups who are not necessarily from Sierra Leone, but are interested in her development and would like to participate in the country’s restoration.

On Saturday, April 14, the Sierra Leone ambassador to the US, H.E. Mr.Sulaiman Tejan-Jalloh(photo,left) will chair the launching of the PEACE Clubs initiative from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Mirage Hall, in Silver Spring, MD (1401 E. University Blvd Hyattsville, MD 20783).

Please plan to join us as we kick off this initiative. If you are interested in getting more information, but will physically be unable to attend, we will also be hosting webinars and will communicate the logistical information for your convenience at the appropriate time(s). In the meantime, visit our websites: and

This is a very huge but feasible undertaking and we challenge all Sierra Leoneans (and friends thereof), both as individuals and/or organizations to join us as we work to revivify our beleaguered Sierra Leone. Investing in this way beats what we have been doing for our organizations through the same old annual thanksgiving services, dances, and banquets whose returns may not be worth more than the cost of the energy their stalwart administrations put in. With real estate however, the money invested works year round. More importantly, this is an opportunity to not only provide much-needed homes for thousands of Sierra Leoneans, but to contribute to a socially responsible mechanism with great possibilities to help resuscitate Sierra Leone’s economy. We know you will have lots of questions but we are confident we will provide prudent answers to this proposal.

Yours in friendship and unity,

Samuel Atere-Roberts
Amadu J. Massally
Joint Organizers, Members of TEC

Program Draft for TIDES PEACE Clubs Launch
Saturday, April 14, 2007, Mirage Hall, Langley Park, MD, Noon to 4:00 p.m.
12:00 noon Opening Muslim and Christian Prayers
12:05 Welcome
12:07 Introduction of Chairman
12:10 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
12:15 Greetings from Sierra Leone.Kadi Sesay, Minister of Trade & Industry and TEC Member
12:20 Profiles of other TEC members who will be shown live if they are tuned in Amadu Massally (beginning with himself as one of two organizers) Last person introduced is Jonathan Peters, by Chairman. He will say that attendees should imagine that they are now in session for one of the monthly meetings of the TEC that will start in May.
12:30 Overview of SHELTER (PowerPoint) (may include 5-minute message by Rockport Ambassador)
1:00 Question and answer on PEACE Clubs
1:30 Break and light refreshments. Networking. Attendees receive Exec Sum of SHELTER Business Plan, with financials for Pilot.
2:00 Introduction of TIDES Team and introductions of Organizations Represented and Their Executives (No speeches by individuals or groups introduced, just photo op).
2:10 Target Benchmarks of Fundraising: $10 million and up (200 orgs worldwide, $50k each)Handouts.
2:15 Forum of representatives from PEACE Groups on the need for investments and reflections on the TIDES Plan.
3:15 Vote of Thanks
3:50 Chairman’s closing remarks
Tentative Plan of Meetings: April to December 2007 with rotating chairpersonship.
May 28 Sierra Leone Chair Kadi Sesay
June 23 or 30 TEC decides if it is 4th Saturday or last Saturday Sierra Leone Chair John Aruna.
July 21 Sierra Leone Chair Jonathan Peters Pre-Homecoming (4th Saturday, July 28, is Election Day)
August 25 EuropeTBA
September 22 or 29 TEC decides Atlanta Samuel Atere-Roberts.
October 27 Texas or Virginia Amadu Massally
November 24 Liberia Ms. Zainab Bangura
December 29 Sierra Leone: WYSH Homecoming Kadi Sesay John Aruna Jonathan Peters.