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12 Charged for Rebellion in Kalangba

10 June 2007 at 06:48 | 382 views

By Jonathan Leigh, Freetown.

Twelve rebellious residents of Kalangba village,
Bombali district, Northern Sierra Leone have appeared
before Magistrate Sandy at the Makeni Magistrate Court
on charges of assault, arson, and robbery contrary
to the Criminal Procedure Act of 1916.

Police early last week arrested twenty-one suspects,
amongst them the Section Chief of Kalangba Pa Alimamy
Sesay following reports of an attack on the police
post in Kalangba.

Several people were involved in what has been described as acts of violence in which a cattle ranch was attacked in
retaliation for what the attackers alleged were persistent
destruction of their farm land by cattle.

Out of the 21 that were arrested for
attacking the police post, nine were released,
including the Chief for what the police claimed was
insufficient evidence to prosecute them but may still
be "useful" in providing information that might lead to
the arrest of those still at large.

Currently, the police have five names on their wanted
list and the people involved are alleged to have ignited the trouble. The matter was adjourned to 11th June.

Photo: Local Government minister Sidique Brima.