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11 factions tear SLPP apart

16 September 2016 at 01:38 | 2496 views


By Kanthe Knana, APC-Quebec, Canada.

Many thought it was a joke when a bad messenger (Yumkella) called on the elite party to produce a financial report. Trickery by Yumkella and the illegal coalition of SLPP flag aspirants.

The PPRC is being used as a cloak for accountability in a party that is allergic to the norms of accountability. Bio and the rest of the gang who hijack the SLPP are in this struggle for a long time.

Journeying back into history, one will realize that the SLPP has never accounted for anything. The present factional struggle has uplifted the concept of financial reporting but nothing will be achieved.

Today, the SLPP has been balcanized into 11 factions. It will be hard to compute a single financial report. Yumkella, the imperfect advocate, cannot hold the Bio gang accountable. The party may go to Supreme Court again. Why ? Over a financial report?

Let them go to Supreme Court.